Relationships and Life at 21

Young adulthood is messy. There's stuff going on left, right and center, differences all around and in between is our attempt to stabilise our social lives and relationships. Let me just say, it isn't easy. Life used to be simple and organised, now it's convoluted and chaotic. As we are now busy figuring ourselves out... Continue Reading →

Age 21 ‘The Bit In-between’

Can someone explain to me how one minute people are children, running about giving their parents a headache, then the next they're adults with responsibilities, giving their parents grandchildren? How does that happen so quickly? What about the awkward in-betweeny bit that is hardly mentioned? What's that bit? Oh, it's young adulthood. My life. The... Continue Reading →

Let’s Pretend

Shall we pretend we never spent so much time together? Shall we pretend we didn't talk everyday? Shall we pretend you never held me tight at night and even tighter in the mornings when you really didn't want to leave? Shall we pretend our friends never said how happy we looked? Shall we pretend we... Continue Reading →

Expectations of Millenials

The amount of pressure that young adults face is absurd and we have society to thank. We are expected to be academic geniuses and then to immediately have our (successful) lives planned out. Not to mention we are also constantly being compared to our parents/grandparents and how far they had come in their lives at our... Continue Reading →

The Reality of Life at 21

As a young girl playing with her Barbies, I looked up at these grown ups and I couldn't wait until I could be like them. Adult life looked so glamorous, they could do anything they wanted to! They could eat ice cream past bedtime and play hide and seek absolutely anywhere. How exciting!! Finally after years... Continue Reading →

Moving Back Home

My main concern about coming home after university was the possibility of my time away being forgotten. Home never changed, my parent's life hardly changed but my whole world had. I was not coming back the same person I was when I left. I essentially lived another life and no one knew anything about it. The... Continue Reading →

You’ll Get There

Throughout my blogs I have a tendency to say 'you'll get there'. If I don't end up saying that it's only because I have found other ways to reword it so I don't sound like a broken record. I'm sorry for repeating myself, but it is true. Life at 21 is essentially an awkward period... Continue Reading →

Young, Dumb and Broke

A song I can relate to. I'm young, I'm dumb and damn am I broke. Being young means being foolish, making mistakes and living for the moment. Later comes the burdens so for now lets just be young. But that comes with a catch; while we are young, we are dumb. We love too quickly... Continue Reading →

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